Eric Campbell looking for another chance at the majors

Now that Eric Campbell has been added to the Oakland A’s 60 man roster, he may finally have another chance to prove himself at the major league level.

When the Oakland A’s announced the next six players that had been added to the 60 man roster, it was natural that certain prospects would garner attention. Robert Pauson is not just one of the A’s top prospects, but is considered one of the top prospects in baseball. Luis Barrera has been a prospect for years, and is finally close to the majors. There is plenty of excitement about what both prospects could potentially be and for good reason.

But in terms of helping the 2020 roster, that honor belongs to a far less renowned player. Eric Campbell did not make a ripple when he was added to the A’s roster, especially as it has been four years since his last major league action.

He did not exactly perform well in that time. In his 505 plate appearances spanning 192 games, he posted a .221/.312/.311 batting line, hitting 18 doubles and seven homers while stealing nine bases. Chances are, Campbell will not provide a boost to the lineup.

But there is something that Campbell can do. He has proven to be a versatile defensive player, primarily spending time at first, third, and left in the majors. However, Campbell also has experience at both middle infield positions and in right, making him a possible option as a utility player.

Campbell also has a track record of success in AAA. In his 1880 plate appearances at the highest level of the minors, he has produced a solid .310/.417/.480 batting line. While he did not show great pop there either, with 109 doubles and 45 homers, he did make excellent contact while showing a solid eye at the plate.

There is a potential opening on the A’s roster. Jorge Mateo was expected to be a part of the initial 30 man squad, but was traded away to San Diego. Oakland does like utility players, and while he does not have much experience in the middle of the infield, a player like Campbell could get a long look.

At 33 years old, he is not going to be a long term part of the A’s future. But they still need pieces for 2020. While he is the type of depth piece that every team loves to have stashed in AAA, that will not be possible this year. The expanded roster, however, could give him that next chance in the majors.

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Eric Campbell is not someone that receives much attention. But he may finally get another chance at the major league level this year.

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