Oakland A’s find a site for their taxi squad

After weeks of confusion and ongoing attempts to locate a home for their taxi squad, the Oakland A’s can finally move forward.

As the Oakland A’s had gone about getting ready for the 2020 MLB season, there were a few issues that needed to be sorted out. Not only did the A’s need to get the results of their COVID-19 tests, but they had other detail to sort out. One of the most pressing involved finding a site for their taxi squad, something that was easier said than done.

The initial plan involved the A’s sending those auxiliary players to Stockton. The Stockton Ports, the A’s high-A team, play just 66.6 miles from the Colesium. If needed, those players would be able to arrive at the ballpark within a couple of hours.

Unfortunately, that was unable to happen. Due to differences in ordinances and protocols between towns, there were issues in finding that location. Stockton remained a consideration, but the A’s also expanded their search to other areas.

On Friday, the A’s finally found a home for their taxi squad. They will be housing those players in San Jose at Excite Ballpark, the home of the Giants Class-A squad. While there is a bit of irony in the A’s cross-bay rivals providing a home for their taxi squad, players could be there as soon as this weekend.

This home for the taxi squad is also closer to the Colesium than Banner Island Ballpark, home of the Ports. Excite Ballpark is just 38.7 miles away down I-880, a reasonably quick trip. Should the A’s need a player on short notice, it would be easier to get someone ready and to the Colesium.

There are still other issues at play. The A’s will need to get their intake testing set up at Excite Ballpark, and then get all of the players there. This comes after the A’s initial testing at the Colesium was delayed and put those practices behind schedule. Given the league’s incompetence with everything thus far, there may be other delays in getting the new facility set up.

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The Oakland A’s finally know where their taxi squad will be located. Now it is a matter of setting everything else up.