Ramon Laureano right to appeal his suspension

On Tuesday, Ramon Laureano was suspended six games for his part in the bench clearing incident against the Astros. He is understandably appealing.

It was not a matter of if Ramon Laureano would be suspended, it was a question of how long his suspension would last. When he took those first steps towards the Houston Astros dugout in his attempt to have his fists dance upon Alex Cintron‘s face, his fate was sealed.

And so, on Tuesday, the gavel of justice came down. Laureano was handed a six game ban, while Cintron received 20 games for his own actions. Understandably, Laureano is appealing that decision.

Major League Baseball found itself between a rock and a hard place when it came to Laureano. While he was already upset at being hit thrice during the series, he was also obviously provoked by Cintron. But the league had to do something.

It already appears as though the court of public perception played a factor in the punishments. There was the appearance that the league was loathe to do anything to the Astros and had been unduly punishing those who sought to give the team their comeuppance. While Cintron’s actions definitely deserved such a punishment, this was also a way to send a message.

That public perception could also knock Laureano’s suspension down a tad. He has become universally beloved, with players and coaches defending him at every turn. It is apparent that something truly vile had to have been said in order for him to have had that reaction.

It is rare that a suspension is not lowered after appeal. Unless a player has done something particularly repugnant, they get a chance to return sooner. In Laureano’s case, it is possible that his suspension could be dropped down to four games, getting him back in the lineup sooner.

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Ramon Laureano is understandably appealing his suspension. In doing so, he may see a couple of games taken off his punishment.