Oakland A’s: Coming to terms with hating Josh Reddick

Josh Reddick was a fan favorite during his time with the Oakland A’s. His time with the Houston Astros changed everything.

It is understandable that Josh Reddick would always have a soft spot for the Oakland A’s. It was in Oakland that his career really took off, as he was given a legitimate chance after being acquired from the Red Sox. He produced a .242/.305/.463 batting line with 32 homers and 11 steals in that first season, winning a Gold Glove and quickly becoming a fan favorite.

A’s fans continued their love affair with Reddick, even after he signed with the Astros. Even though they were the enemy, Reddick still showed his appreciation for the fans, taking time to chat with them whenever the Astros would come to town.

Times have changed. Reddick was a part of the Trash Can Asterisks, riding those antics to a World Series title. He definitely reaped the benefits of those signals, with his 130 OPS+ easily the best of his career.

Had Reddick apologized, this would likely be water under the bridge. Although the relationship would not be the same, it would still be a friendly rivalry. Those good natured conversations would still take place. Instead, Reddick was unrepentant, saying that everyone needed to move on and that the Astros would shut everyone up by winning.

With those words, Reddick nuked the bridge that he had been so careful not to burn. It was a giant middle finger to baseball fans everywhere, particularly in Oakland. Those thumps on the can changed games and careers, and, presumably, changed the course of history for the A’s.

And what did he get for this reaction? Major League Baseball was not going to take away the rings. The Astros are looking to move on from Reddick as he will enter free agency after the season. And that statement about winning and proving the doubters wrong? The Astros have an 8-10 record thus far on the season.

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Josh Reddick was still a fan favorite in Oakland. That time has long since come to an end.