Oakland A’s: Getting to know Kyle McCann

We were fortunate enough to be able to interview Oakland A’s prospect Kyle McCann, getting some insight into the alternate training site and how he navigated the shutdown.

A fourth round draft pick in 2019, Kyle McCann was considered an intriguing power prospect behind the plate. He was compared to Chris Davis with his impressive power to all fields and his ability to draw walks. Capable of playing either behind the plate or at first base, McCann has become an intriguing prospect for the Oakland A’s.

Recently, we were able to interview McCann about his journey into professional baseball and what this season has been like, from the shutdown to being a part of the A’s 60 man roster.

WCB: What was the biggest adjustment from college to professional ball?

KM: The biggest adjustment for me was learning how to take care of my body. Learning what I need for that day in order to feel the best that I can. Also, the competition is obviously better so being able to slow the game down.

WCB: You split time between first and catcher in both college and last season. Which position do you feel more comfortable at, and why?

KM: Catching without a doubt! Been doing it my whole life and I love being able to be apart of every pitch and controlling the game with the pitcher.

WCB: What was it like to get ready during spring training only for everything to shut down? How did you stay in shape in case the season resumed?

KM:  It was a bummer for sure since it was my first spring training and it just got shut down like that! Staying in shape was easy for me back home cause I have all the recourses in Atlanta you can ask for! So getting the call for the 60 man [roster] was a blessing cause I was able to go play the game again!

WCB: What was it like to be selected as part of the 60 man pool and to get a chance to train at the alternate site?

KM: Like I said before, it was awesome hearing the news for the 60 man. And to be up here with some great guys and being able to learn from them and how they carry their business is nice!

WCB: Take us through a normal day in San Jose.

KM: Normal day in San Jose is you get to the field around 8 o’clock and drink some coffee and wake up a little with the guys. Then just some bp and defense work and a sim game at the end of the day!

WCB: What has been the biggest difference between the coaching you are getting in San Jose and what you had gotten in the minors thus far?

KM: I would say the difference is the players really! Every coach is great in our organization but to be able to pick the brains of the older guys has been great and I’ve learned a lot from being here so far.

WCB: Which aspects of your game are you focusing on at the alternate site?

KM: All aspects of the game for me. Trying to better myself in any way possible!

WCB: What has been the biggest takeaway that you have gotten from the coaching staff there?

KM: Just to know myself as a player and being able to grow even better throughout my career.

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