Oakland A’s: Mike Fiers has chance to get his revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold. For Mike Fiers and the Oakland A’s, that revenge could come from 60’6″ away.

Mike Fiers had a difficult decision to make. The Oakland A’s starter had been pummelled for nine runs on nine hits, including five homers, while recording only three outs on September 9. Fiers knew exactly what happened – it was not that he simply was unable to execute, it was due to a system the Astros had in place.

And so, that offseason, Fiers spilled the beans, blowing the cover off of AstroGate. There were wide reaching ramifications of that decision – three managers were fired, and Astros GM Jeff Luhnow was also axed. The Astros were vilified although none of the players received any punishment at all.

However, Fiers was also vilified, at least in some circles. Instead of being hailed as a champion of fair play, he was called a snitch, called out for ratting on his former teammates. There were questions as to how contrite he actually was, considering that he won a World Series with the Astros in 2017.

Perhaps given that potential animosity between the Astros and Fiers, the two never crossed paths. Although the Astros and A’s faced off ten times this season, Fiers did not get a single start against them. This had to be by design, keeping the two apart.

But now, Fiers seems destined to get his revenge. The A’s and Astros are set to meet up in the ALDS, a chance for Fiers to face off against his former team. At a neutral site, and with the trash cans a thing of the past, he can meet the Astros on equal footing, both sides giving their best shot at sending the other to defeat.

It is also a chance for Fiers to avenge his showing on Thursday. He allowed a run on five hits and a walk, recording just five outs, as the A’s escaped Game Three to advance. Fiers also has not exactly fared well in his limited postseason sample size, giving up two runs on six hits in 2.2 innings. He could make a statement against the Astros.

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And it would be a statement in multiple ways. Mike Fiers may have a chance to get his revenge.