Oakland A’s: 2021 has to be Seth Brown’s year

Seth Brown has yet to receive an extended look in the major leagues with the Oakland A’s. That could change in 2021.

It may be now or never for Seth Brown and the Oakland A’s.

The former 19th round draft pick is now 28 years old. His major league experience consists of just 88 plate appearances in 33 games over two years, with just five of those plate appearances coming in 2020. Based on his age and limited time in Oakland, he has the hallmarks of being nothing more than a minor league depth piece.

But there is more to Brown than that. He had displayed intriguing power potential in the minor leagues, belting 30 homers in 2017, and another 37 home runs in AAA in 2019. He seemingly has nothing left to prove in the minors, with a .274/.344/.482 batting line in his 2456 plate appearances, having hit 92 homers and 126 doubles.

Brown has also displayed flashes during his brief time in the majors. During his September callup in 2019, he had produced a .293/.361/.453 batting line in 83 plate appearances, hitting eight doubles and two triples. However, he was unable to get much of a look in the A’s crowded outfield this season, with just five hitless plate appearances.

But there is a potential opportunity for Brown next year. Robbie Grossman is ticketed for free agency, leaving an opening in the outfield. With a strong showing in spring training, he may be able to seize the position, potentially becoming another power bat in the A’s lineup.

However, it may have to happen this season. Brown is already at the older end of the prospect spectrum, his age keeping him off of many of those top prospect lists. The A’s also have Luis Barrera waiting in the wings, ready for a major league opportunity of his own. Brown’s time could pass him by before he even gets his chance with Oakland.

There may be an opportunity for Seth Brown on the Oakland A’s in 2021. However, he has to seize this chance, because another one may not be in the cards.