Oakland A’s: Jake Diekman has strong thoughts about Robinson Cano

Oakland A’s reliever Jake Diekman is not in a forgiving mood when it comes to Robinson Cano and his latest PED suspension.

Over the years, MLB players have become more vocal about their disdain for PED users. Players have been calling for a lifetime ban for those who were caught juicing; the idea that ‘three strikes and you’re out’ is no longer good enough.

Count Oakland A’s reliever Jake Diekman amongst those who are not in a forgiving mood. He made his thoughts known about Mets second baseman Robinson Cano in a Twitter post on Wednesday.

As it is, Cano is suspended for the entire 2021 season due to his second positive PED test. He is also forfeiting his $24 million salary for the upcoming season. His Hall of Fame chances, which had been on life support due to his first suspension, are essentially dead.

While Cano is being punished in the here and now, the long term ramifications will not be felt for years to come. Missing out on the Hall of Fame really does nothing to his earnings going forward. He will still collect his salary in 2022 and 2023, taking home another $48 million for those two years when his suspension is over.

To Diekman, that should not happen. While one positive test can truly be a mistake, a second one is a pattern. That is particularly the case when the PED that caused the suspension is due to taking stanozolol, the PED that Rafael Palmeiro was busted for back in 2005. It would be pretty hard to deny taking that one.

It is possible that this change will happen. The punishments are part of an agreement between the league and the Player’s Union. If the players want tougher penalties, that will likely happen. It will just take time.

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In the meanwhile, Oakland A’s reliever Jake Diekman is frustrated with the fact that Robinson Cano will eventually return from suspension. If it was up to him, Cano would be banished permanently.