Skye Bolt needs to be released by Oakland A’s immediately

The Oakland A’s have gone out of their way to make certain that they are a team that preaches equality. Skye Bolt should no longer have a place on their roster.

Skye Bolt is not someone that most baseball fans would know about. The Oakland A’s outfielder has 11 major league plate appearances, all of which came in 2019. While he has a chance to see more action in the majors due to the holes on the A’s roster, he may well be a depth piece at best.

But his time in the A’s organization should be at an end. Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman had posted a tweet regarding the racism that is still running rampant in society due to the protests in Washington DC. After another person responded by saying that Black Lives Matter was peaceful, but the protesters were always going to be violent, Bolt posted the following:

If one heads to the A’s home page, their Black Lives Matter banner, and statement that the team stands with the organization against racism and injustice remains. The A’s had weekly conversations about race relations and supported Tony Kemp‘s efforts to get those talks started.

Bolt’s statements fly in the face of these beliefs. His approval of what occurred in the capital, and his remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement, are the antithesis of what the A’s claim to stand for. The organization needs to make a statement, not just reaffirming their support of the movement, but that such actions will not be tolerated. Bolt’s time should be at an end.

After 90 minutes, Bolt deleted his tweet, seemingly once he realized that he had angered a large segment of the A’s fanbase. He posted two more tweets attempting to explain his statement, then deleted his account. But the damage has already been done.

Frankly, it would be easy for the organization to walk away. Bolt is a depth outfielder, one who appears destined to spend most of his career in the upper minors, being called upon in case of injury. At best, he may be a fourth outfielder. But this is the type of player that can be found on the waiver wire throughout the year.

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It is not worth the Oakland A’s time to tolerate such statements from any player, let alone one such as Skye Bolt. His time with the organization should be at an end.