Robert Puason will finally get to debut in 2021

The Oakland A’s have been itching to see Robert Puason in action. That will finally happen in 2021.

Robert Puason is still somewhat of a mystery to the Oakland A’s. One of the top prospects in the 2019-20 international signing class, he was expected to make his professional debut in the 2020 campaign. However, the ongoing pandemic wiped out the minor league season, leaving Pauson without that opportunity.

Oakland did what they could for their top offensive prospect. Puason spent the summer at the A’s alternate site, getting looks against more advanced prospects and former major leaguers. He reportedly held his own in that environment, with his time there potentially accelerating his timeline.

But he still needs to actually see truly competitive game action. The alternative camp performance and experience was far superior to sitting out the year, but it is not the same. For Oakland to see what they have, Pauson needs to be playing games.

That should finally take place in 2021. While the AA and lower minors will have their season delayed due to the pandemic, games will be played this year. That means players such as Puason who teams have not had a chance to truly see in action will get to make their debuts.

It is understandable that both the A’s and their fans will be excited to see Puason in action. He has been compared to Tony Fernandez for both his offensive potential and his defensive ability. Puason is going to be a work in progress as he is still just 18 years old, but he possesses an immense amount of potential. As he grows into his frame, he should develop more pop, and his instincts, range, and arm all indicate that he will stay at short for the long haul.

There is, however, a difference between what should happen and what will happen. Puason has the hallmarks of a future All Star, but he still needs to prove himself. That will finally be able to happen in 2021.

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The Oakland A’s will be able to see Robert Puason on the diamond in the coming year. It has been a long time coming.