Oakland A’s reportedly interested in Andrew Benintendi

A quiet offseason may finally get going for the Oakland A’s. There is actually a rumor involving their interest in Andrew Benintendi.

This offseason has been quiet for the Oakland A’s. Aside from their stated desire to bring Marcus Semien and Tommy La Stella back into the fold, there has not been much of anything happening in Oakland. It is a silence that has been frustrating, especially as the A’s own free agents are signing elsewhere.

On Tuesday, there was finally a rumor involving Oakland. According to reports, the A’s are interested in Andrew Benintendi, who the Red Sox have placed on the trade block.

Benintendi would be an interesting fit for the A’s. They do need an outfielder now that Robbie Grossman has left for Detroit. He would be a perfect fit defensively, having saved 22 runs in his seasons in the majors, leading the league in that category in 2018.

There is a question as to which player the A’s would be receiving. Benintendi had a solid three year stretch from 2017 through 2019, posting a .276/.354/.440 batting line in his 1934 plate appearances, hitting 49 homers and 107 doubles. He may not be the impact bat that he was expected to be, but Benintendi was a solid player during that time.

This could also be the perfect opportunity for the A’s to strike. Benintendi struggled through a miserable 2020 campaign, as injuries ruined his season. He produced a .103/.314/.128 batting line in his 52 plate appearances, with just one double. If he truly is on the trade block, the Red Sox would be selling low.

Aside from the obvious cost savings for the A’s, Benintendi would be a longer term asset. He is under team control through 2023, giving the A’s plenty of time to see if he can bounce back. If that happens, they would have another piece to add to their core.

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The Oakland A’s are reportedly interested in Andrew Benintendi. Such interest makes sense.