The Oakland A’s – your 2029 World Series winners

It is time to head to Vegas and put a bundle down on the Oakland A’s to win the 2029 World Series. At least, that is what projects.

It is fun to look ahead and project the future. That is particularly the case with a team such as the Oakland A’s, where so much of the team’s success moving forward is tied into their farm system. If those prospects pan out as the A’s hope, then the future can be bright indeed. Otherwise, it could take years to rebound. did their own exercise where they gazed into the crystal ball, looking ahead and predicting the World Series matchups for the next decade. There were the usual suspects, with the Yankees, Dodgers, and Red Sox making appearances on the list. It had to be expected with any World Series projection.

However, there were other teams listed as well. The Oakland A’s were one of those, as projected the franchise to take home the title in 2029. To make the victory even sweeter, they would defeat the San Francisco Giants to take home the crown.

Of course, it is difficult to project what the A’s roster will look like at that point in time. Even their prospects that are closest to being major league ready are likely to no longer be a part of the roster in 2029. However, longer term players such as Robert Puason could be established members of the A’s by then.

Plenty can change in that time frame as well. The A’s may finally have that new ballpark they have been pining for, and be able to spend money on free agents. Some of those major league ready prospects could stick around, or the young core gets signed to an extension. Anything is possible by the time 2029 rolls around.

It is also possible that this prediction turns out to be true. Oakland has been amongst the best in the game at stockpiling prospects and building a strong young core. They have seemingly been a piece or two away over the past three years. Maybe, by the time 2029 comes around, they will find that missing piece.

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The Oakland A’s – your 2029 World Series champions. If is saying it, you can take that to the bank.