Oakland A’s: Robert Puason falling down lists through no fault of his own

Just a year ago, Robert Puason was considered to be the Oakland A’s second best prospect. Although he was a long way from being able to make an impact on the major league roster, Puason still had as bright a future as anyone in the A’s system. He just needed to make his official professional debut for the A’s to see exactly what they had.

Entering the 2021 season, the A’s are still waiting. Meanwhile, Puason has slipped down the A’s prospect rankings, as he is now sixth on their board.

Robert Puason sliding down Oakland A’s prospect lists through no fault of his own

As Puason has been idle, he has been surpassed in the middle infield as well. Nick Allen and Logan Davidson have passed him by as both are closer to making an impact at the major league level. Allen’s defense is ready for the majors, and has been almost since he was drafted. Davidson could be a possible five tool player, but his hit tool still needs some work.

This slide is not a knock on Puason. He is still regarded as a key part of the A’s future, a shortstop that draws comparisons to the late Tony Fernandez. Even though he is not expected to make his debut until sometime in 2024, that comparison speaks volumes to the type of player he is expected to become.

His ceiling is still sky high. Puason has the ability to spray line drives around the diamond from either side of the plate with the potential to reach double digit homers at the major league level once his frame fills out. He has excellent speed, which helps him both on the basepaths and at short. His strong arm and solid footwork should allow him to stay at the position, although he is already 6’3″ tall.

But it is still a matter of seeing him actually get game action. Puason’s time in the instructional league and the A’s alternate camp may have impressed, but there is only so much that he can show without actually appearing in a game. Once that happens, and Puason shows what he is capable of, he should climb the prospect lists again.

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Until that happens, Robert Puason is going to slide down the Oakland A’s prospect lists through no fault of his own. He just needs the chance to show what he can do.