Sean Murphy destroys fan’s beer with foul ball

Now that fans are allowed back at the ballpark, we will be subject to those entertaining highlights that can only be provided by spectators. There will be impressive one handed snags and entertaining interactions. Food and beverages will be ruined by errant foul balls and there will be entertaining interactions.

On Saturday, Sean Murphy provided one of those moments. He ripped a foul ball down the third base line, utterly ruining the can of beer a fan was in the midst of drinking.

Sean Murphy provided beer shower for fans

As a result, the beer can began to spray beer all over the area. The fan got the worst of it, taking the contents to the face and all over his clothing. On the plus side, at least he got the foul ball in exchange for his beer shower.

As entertaining as this moment may be, the clip is also a somewhat encouraging sign for the A’s. Murphy is finally back in the lineup after missing most of the spring due to a fractured rib and a punctured lung that required surgery. He had not exactly looked ready in his previous two games, striking out three times in his five plate appearances.

But Murphy appears to be getting close to getting his timing back at the plate. Even though he was in front of the pitch, he ripped that ball down the third base line. He ended the day going 1-4, belting a sixth inning home run as the A’s look to get him as many plate appearances as possible to try to have him ready for Opening Day.

Muprhy may well be a breakout candidate this year. His hard hit rate and propensity to barrel the ball indicated that there is more to come with the bat. That could happen as soon as this season once he is healthy enough to take his place as the A’s primary catcher.

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Sean Murphy is starting to get more comfortable at the plate. The only thing that may cool off his bat is a nice beer shower.