Oakland A’s make easy call with Bob Melvin’s option

To say that the Oakland A’s value continuity would be considered a laughable statement. Players come and go, typically traded when they become too expensive. The likes Eric Chavez, who sign a long term extension to remain in Oakland, are few and far between.

But that is not the case in other aspects. The A’s value continuity when it comes to the front office and on the bench. Billy Beane is in his third decade with the organization, including his time as a player. Bob Melvin is in the midst of his 11th season as manager of the team. Continuity matters there.

That continuity will continue for at least one more year. The A’s have exercised the option for the 2022 season on Melvin’s contract.

Oakland A’s make easy choice with Bob Melvin

This was not a difficult choice for the A’s to make. Melvin has guided the team to the top of the AL West again this season despite injuries and issues with his rotation and the loss of supposed closer Trevor Rosenthal before the season began. The A’s roster underwent numerous changes this offseason, to the point where it was difficult to remember who was in the lineup without a scorebook.

It should not be a surprise that the A’s are continuing to find success despite all of those changes. Melvin has guided the team to the postseason in six of his ten full seasons, winning over 90 games four times. He has been named the AL Manager of the Year twice in his career, taking home the award in 2012 and 2018.

At some point, the end will come. Melvin will eventually walk away from the bench, ready to head off into retirement to enjoy his golden years. But the A’s have to hope that day is still years away, as he remains atop his game. No matter how slow of a start the team may have, he will push the right buttons and more often than not, bring them into contention.

Should Melvin be let go by the A’s, at least half the teams in the game would be lining up for his services. He would be an immediate upgrade on the bench for most major league teams, someone that would be the subject of a bidding war. But the A’s know what they have in Melvin, and he is likely to remain in Oakland until he decides it is time to walk away.

The Oakland A’s have exercised their option on Bob Melvin for the 2022 season. It was one of the easier decisions they will make this year.