Oakland A’s sign first round pick Max Muncy to overslot deal

The Oakland A’s are getting a second chance with a Max Muncy. Nine years after they selected the now Dodgers utility man in the fifth round of the 2012 MLB Draft, the A’s selected another infielder with the same name and same birthday. Amazingly, they are not related.

On Monday, the A’s came to terms with their latest Muncy, signing him to a $2.85 million bonus.

Oakland A’s officially bring Max Muncy on board

Although Muncy played shortstop in high school, there are questions as to whether or not that will be his long term position. The A’s have a plethora of shortstop prospects, from defensive whiz Nick Allen to the disappointing Robert Puason. Likewise, it is possible that Muncy will outgrow shortstop, especially as he is 6’1″ tall and weighs 180 pounds at 18 years old.

Even if this Muncy is not able to replicate the success of the player that the A’s allowed to get away, he should be a solid piece in their future. He is projected to develop into a solid hitter at the plate with decent pop, although his swing needs work. While he hits the ball well to all fields when he is right, his swing can get too long when he starts chasing power, but that can be corrected with the proper coaching.

Muncy is also the type of prospect that will get everything he possibly can out of his ability. He is a high energy player, one who responds well to coaching and is constantly looking to improve. With his relatively average skillset in every area, he is considered to be a Dansby Swanson type, provided that he can remain at short.

Although this may seem to be an underwhelming profile for a player that was signed to an overslot deal, it does make sense. The A’s farm system is lacking in high end talent, and being able to have a prospect with a relatively high floor could make a difference. The A’s also need to find viable prospects in the middle of their infield, given that their crop of shortstops have disappointed to a degree.

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The Oakland A’s have officially signed Max Muncy to a $2.85 million bonus. He is now ready to begin his journey in professional baseball.