Jose Canseco creates limited edition coffee line

Jose Canseco is at it again. The former Oakland A’s All Star outfielder is once again looking to find new ways to generate income and capitalize on his status as one of the more amusing accounts on Twitter. Unfortunately, this attempt does not include mythological beings or a potshot at Alex Rodriguez.

This time, Canseco has a limited edition line of premium coffee. With just 100 bags available, one could start their day with a cup of Jo(s)e for a brief time.

Jose Canseco continuing to find ways to generate income

It is worth noting that Canseco had to put a disclaimer on the bag that it does not contain PEDs. Presumably, the caffeine content would be enough to get one ready to go without needing those substances, especially if Canseco was the one to test the flavor and blend.

Of course, he cannot sell coffee without providing something to drink the coffee from. Canseco also unveiled some mugs, including one with his mugshot (a mugshot mug is pretty amusing) and one with some of his more amusing tweets. What better way to begin one’s day than having some Canseco in the morning?

It is good to see Canseco attempt to use his stature as a former star player and his new found fame as an internet sensation for a relatively positive purpose. Instead of being someone who is using that platform to attack others and be a complete jerk, Canseco is just entertaining the masses and trying to make a quick buck.

Chances are, he will be back to his usual exploits soon. Those tweets about Bigfoot, aliens, mermaids, and other assorted mythological creatures. He will begin to ruminate on space and time, and misspell his name while plugging his petrol station. The entertainment will return.

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In theory, that entertainment can be yours every morning as well. Jose Canseco has unveiled a limited edition coffee line and new coffee mugs.