Beloved Oakland A’s announcer Ray Fosse passes away

Ray Fosse had become ingrained into the Oakland A’s family. Since he began calling games in 1986, he was essentially a beloved uncle, someone that brought comfort for months on end for decades. A full generation grew up listening to Fosse, listening to his soothing voice despite how good the A’s may have been on the diamond.

That changed earlier this year when Fosse announced that he was taking a break as he battled cancer. He had silently been fighting cancer for 16 years, but just could not handle his workload and the ravages of the disease. On Wednesday, he was unable to battle any longer, passing away at 74 years old.

Ray Fosse entwined in Oakland A’s history

Fosse is typically remembered for being barrelled into by Pete Rose during the All Star Game, an incident that is believed to have ruined his career. But he was a solid catcher for years after, including a respectable three year stint in Oakland where he won a pair of World Series rings.

Beginning his time back with the A’s in 1986, Fosse was there for one more title, getting a ring in 1989. He was able to broadcast what was essentially the A’s last dynasty, watching some of the greatest players in Oakland history as the team battled throughout the end of the 1980s and into the beginning of the 1990s.

There were other highlights over the years, such as the 20 game winning streak or how the A’s revolutionized the game with their Money Ball approach. Several young stars came and went, with Fosse there for all of them. Yes, there were negatives and rough seasons, but through it all, Fosse never lost that smile and his charm.

Now he is gone, a major void in our lives. Fosse will live on in highlights and in replays, but his loss will be felt by everyone. He was family, and family just cannot be replaced.

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Ray Fosse passed away on Wednesday. He was 74 years old.