Billy Beane not going anywhere at least for now

There are certain topics that always appear at this time of year for the Oakland A’s. Payroll, and the future of the roster, typically take center stage. The question of how many minor leaguers will be able to fill major league roles is always up for discussion. Ownership’s latest excuses for their payroll limitations will appear. And there will be questions about whether or not this is the year that Billy Beane finally leaves Oakland.

Those rumors came early this year, as the Mets had Beane on their very short list of desired candidates to run their front office. On Monday, he officially removed himself from consideration, leaving the Mets without any of their originally hoped-for candidates left.

Billy Beane turns down chance to leave Oakland A’s

Frankly, no one expected that Beane would be leaving. As it is, he earns approximately $8 million a year in Oakland, an absolutely princely sum from this franchise. He also has a share of the ownership of the A’s, making any potential move involving his heading to another franchise a logistical nightmare.

While Beane may have been the Mets’ most ambitious target from their original wishlist, they did have some reason to hope. Sandy Alderson, his former mentor, is currently the Mets’ team president. And the allure of being able to work for an owner who is seemingly willing to open the vault for any player that he would desire had to be there somewhere in the back of Beane’s mind.

In the end, it may be best to be a humungous fish in a small pond. While the A’s want to contend for the postseason, there is no pressure. Beane is considered to be a genius, having revolutionized the game with his MoneyBall approach. His success, despite a budget that consists of whatever is left in the cushions of the couches in the visiting locker room, will always leave others in awe.

Maybe one day Beane will leave. Maybe that offer will be too much to pass up, tempting him enough to finally leave Oakland behind after over 30 years with the organization. But frankly, that day is likely never to come, as there is no reason for Beane to leave a place where he may have the best job security in the game.

Billy Beane will not be leaving the Oakland A’s. That was a foregone conclusion before he removed himself from the Mets’ list.