Oakland A’s may have found their Las Vegas stadium site

It is known that the Oakland A’s are looking to purchase a plot of land in the Las Vegas area for their new stadium. This was confirmed by team president Dave Kaval, although no details were given as to where exactly that plot of land was located, or how much money was offered. All that was known was that the A’s were hedging their bets on where their new stadium would be located.

Now we have an idea as to where that property could be located. The A’s are reportedly looking at the site of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino to build their stadium.

Oakland A’s eyeing site of Tropicana Hotel and Casino for stadium

That is not the only site under consideration. The A’s are also looking at sites owned by Wynn and Caeser’s casinos as possible areas for a new stadium, hoping to cash in on a partnership. While it is doubtful that any of those casinos would have a stake in team ownership, it would be another possible revenue source for the franchise.

It also shows how much the league has begun to cozy up to sports betting. There was a time when the legendary Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays were kicked out of the game for signing autographs in a casino, only to be reinstated years later.

Now, the league has regional sports channels owned by Bally’s Casinos. Betting lines are on the bottom scrolls and gaming windows are being installed at stadiums. Why not have a stadium on land owned by a gaming company?

After all, it is not as though any improprieties could happen. Just because the A’s ownership would seemingly do anything for a few extra bucks, and the team is heading towards tank mode, does not mean anything. It would be as though Major League Baseball allowed different baseballs depending on which teams were playing.

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The Oakland A’s are eyeing the site of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino for their ballpark in Las Vegas. This could not possibly be a disaster.