Despite comments, Oakland A’s not rooted in Oakland

The Oakland A’s are doing their best to straddle the line between Oakland and Las Vegas. While they have been saying that they want to remain in Oakland, they have been looking to purchase plots of land in Las Vegas, even confirming a bid on a potential stadium location. Those actions would seemingly indicate that the A’s are looking to move once their lease on the Coliseum is up after the 2024 season.

However, the City of Oakland is working to keep the team around for the long term. Those efforts have earned the attention of team president Dave Kaval, who says that the organization is happy with the outcome of the votes so far.

Oakland A’s need to show commitment

It is understandable that the team would want to have a backup option ready to go in case something derails the Howard Terminal Project. After all, it has taken more than two decades to even get to this point. The A’s cannot count on anything until that binding vote happens.

However, it would help if the A’s showed more commitment to Oakland. They have said the right things about wanting to remain in town, but their actions have indicated otherwise. This includes their seemingly intentional alienation of the fans, raising ticket prices and eliminating popular packages while looking to sell off their top players.

It is moderately ironic. Back when the Raiders left Oakland for Las Vegas, they began the Rooted in Oakland campaign, saying that they were not going anywhere. Now, those words ring hollow, especially as the A’s appear to be doing everything possible to get out of town.

Maybe the A’s will end up staying in Oakland. Their flirtation with Las Vegas could just be a chapter in their history, a footnote as they stay in their longtime home for the foreseeable future. Regardless of the future, the A’s have to show commitment to somewhere.

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The Oakland A’s have claimed that they are Rooted in Oakland as a marketing campaign. It is time they prove those words were more than a clever slogan.