Dave Kaval pushing for binding vote on Howard Terminal Project

After months of waiting, the final Environmental Impact Report for the Howard Terminal Project has been released. At 3500 pages, it details the impact of the Oakland A’s new ballpark, affordable housing, new parks, and business areas. This document has also given the green light to the project, clearing a major hurdle for the ballpark to come to life.

Yet, nothing is written in stone. The City of Oakland and all associated parties have to formally approve the project. This is something that A’s president Dave Kaval is now pushing for as he wants a binding vote as soon as possible.

Oakland A’s pushing for binding vote on Howard Terminal Project

The A’s have also made their position clear. Now that the EIR has been published and given the project the go-ahead, there is no real reason to keep the new ballpark from happening. Either the Howard Terminal Project happens, or the A’s walk away.

This hardline approach makes sense. The A’s have been trying to get a new waterfront ballpark for nearly 25 years at this point. By saying that either the binding vote approves the ballpark, and the entire project, or they will leave town, the A’s are making their message loud and clear.

But commitment is a two way street. The A’s have not exactly proven their commitment to Oakland over the past few months since Rob Manfred gave them the go-ahead to explore relocating. In fact, the A’s have gone to the point where they made an offer a plot of land for a new ballpark.

Maybe those plans will change with this report. It could be that the A’s purchase that land with an eye towards selling it to the league should the Howard Terminal Project go through, clearing the path for a ballpark for a potential expansion franchise.

The Oakland A’s are getting closer to their new ballpark. The Environmental Impact Report has given the green light to the Howard Terminal Project.