Arrest warrant issued for former Oakland A’s star Miguel Tejada

The past few years have not been kind to Miguel Tejada. The former Oakland A’s star saw his major league career end with a drug suspension and his son lose out on a professional contract due to a positive PED test. He also received little support for the Hall of Fame despite an intriguing resume with just five votes for induction.

Now Tejada can add legal woes to his list. According to Hector Gomez, an arrest warrant has been issued in the Dominican Republic for Tejada for writing bad checks.

Former Oakland A’s shortstop Miguel Tejada continues fall from grace

There was a time when Tejada was a superstar. He was one of the ironmen in the game, one of seven players in the history of the game to appear in at least 1000 consecutive games. Tejada was a six time All Star, the 2002 AL MVP, and two time Silver Slugger. He produced a lifetime .285/.336/.456 batting line, hitting 307 homers and 468 doubles; Tejada also hit the most homers of any shortstop from 2000 through 2009.

But his legacy had been tainted by the time he hung up the cleats. Not only was he suspended for amphetamines in 2013 after his medical exemption had expired, but he was a part of the PED scandal that rocked the game. He had also lied about his age when he was signed as he was actually older than he had claimed.

Tejada was one of the players to testify in front of Congress about PED usage, claiming that he never discussed steroids with any players. That was proven false in 2009 when Adam Piatt said that he and Tejada discussed PEDs, something that Tejada later admitted. The former All Star was given probation, a $5000 fine, and required to perform 100 hours of community service for lying to Congress.

His connection to PEDs had come up previously as well. When Rafael Palmeiro, he of the infamous finger pointing, tested positive for steroids and was suspended, he blamed what he thought was a Vitamin B-12 injection that he received from Tejada.

But Tejada now has bigger problems than his baseball legacy. He is facing legal trouble due to writing bad checks although he made nearly $100 million in his career. While it is not known how much the checks were for, Tejada’s reputation has taken yet another hit.

There is a warrant for Miguel Tejada’s arrest in the Dominican Republic. The former Oakland A’s star is wanted for writing bad checks.