A potential trade proposal for Matt Chapman

The Oakland A’s and Detroit Tigers are two teams going in different directions. The A’s are reportedly looking to shed payroll and tear down the roster as they rebuild. Meanwhile, the Tigers are looking to come out of their own rebuilding process and contend in the AL Central.

Those two teams could help one another in those goals. Jim Bowden evaluated various proposals sent in to the Atlantic by fans, including an interesting one between the A’s and Tigers. In that deal, the A’s would send Matt Chapman to Detroit for Jeimar Candelario and prospect Jackson Jobe.

A possible trade offer for Matt Chapman

Such a move would theoretically be an upgrade for the Tigers. Chapman is a Gold Glove caliber third baseman with plenty of power in his bat. While his recent penchant for strikeouts is concerning, he has still been getting on base and would be an impact addition to their lineup.

While losing Chapman’s glove would hurt, Candelario would be a solid replacement. He had led the majors with 42 doubles last year and does have a bit of pop. Candelario can also play at first if needed, giving the A’s options as they would look to make other trades.

The real prize of this deal, however, would be Jobe. Armed with a mid 90s fastball, wipeout slider, and plus changeup, he is the type of prospect that could develop into a top of the rotation arm. However, given his youth, he would be someone that the A’s would need to be patient with and bring along slowly.

Yes, this is just a hypothetical trade offer submitted by a fan. But it is one that would actually make sense for both sides. The Tigers would upgrade, the A’s would get that coveted top prospect, and both sides could reasonably think that they won the deal. That is how trades are supposed to work after all.

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If the Oakland A’s and Detroit Tigers work out a deal for Matt Chapman, it may look similar to this. Such a trade actually makes a lot of sense.