Oakland A’s get no love in FSMLB mock Hall of Fame vote

The FanSided MLB division announced the results of their mock Hall of Fame ballot on Monday. In what may not be much of a surprise, it was not overly friendly to the Oakland A’s candidates.

Three players were inducted this time, a change from the previous two ballots when Derek Jeter was the only player to reach the 75% threshold. This time, Barry Bonds, David Ortiz, and Roger Clemens all received the hypothetical call, being considered Hall of Famers in the eyes of the site editors.

Oakland A’s players left out in FSMLB mock Hall of Fame ballot

The same could not be said for the two players on the ballot with a connection to the A’s. While Manny Ramirez and Tim Hudson both received more than 5% of the vote, they were not particularly close to being inducted.

Ramirez, who spent part of the 2012 season in Triple-A with the A’s organization, was one of the ten players to receive more than 40% of the vote. He finished eighth amongst the players on the ballot, receiving 46% of the vote, a total that is much higher than he had received from the BBWAA in previous elections.

Hudson, meanwhile, barely remained on the ballot in this case. He received 6% of the vote, which may also be higher than what he gets from the BBWAA. As of the most recent update of the Hall of Fame tracker, Hudson has 2.7% of the vote and is in danger of falling off the ballot in his second year.

Maybe it will be different next year. Maybe, if Hudson is able to stay on the ballot, both players will see an uptick in support. However, that may be difficult, especially in Hudson’s case.

Neither Tim Hudson nor Manny Ramirez received much support in the FSMLB mock Hall of Fame ballot. The same will likely be true for the former Oakland A’s in real life as well.