MLB wants resolution for Oakland A’s ballpark soon

It would hardly be an owner’s meeting without MLB commissioner Rob Manfred poking his head out to weigh in on the Oakland A’s stadium situation. The saber rattling and threats of relocation were to be expected since the league were the ones that started that ball rolling. We have all heard the script at this point in time.

And that was the case again on Thursday. Manfred again stated that the A’s, and the Rays as well, needed resolution on their ballpark issues. Otherwise, the ever constant threat of relocation would be brought back into the equation.

Oakland A’s may have answer for MLB soon

While the Rays ballpark situation may not be figured out until the moving vans are at the Trop, the same will not be the case in Oakland. In fact, the Howard Terminal Project is heading for a binding vote on June 30 after the Final Staff Recommendation suggested removing Port Authority Use from Howard Terminal, which clears the way for the new stadium.

This does not mean that a green light is a given. 18 yes votes are needed before the project is official and moves on to the next stage in the process. It will still be some time until ground is broken for the new ballpark.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The A’s decades long quest for that waterfront ballpark in Oakland could be nearing an end. Those relocation threats, and the constant flirtation with Las Vegas, may be coming to an end. At least, for the next couple of decades.

At the same time, Manfred could not stop himself from propping up the Las Vegas market. If the A’s do get their ballpark in Oakland, it is clear that one of the next expansion teams will end up calling that area home. However, there is reason to hope that the A’s will be staying in Oakland.

Major League Baseball wants a resolution on the Oakland A’s ballpark situation soon. That answer may come faster than they expect.