Jonah Bride carving out spot for himself on Oakland A’s

Although he may have been the Oakland A’s fourth option at the hot corner this year, Jonah Bride has found a place in the lineup.

Former top prospect Kevin Smith was given the first chance, but struggled all season and was finally sent to Triple-A. Sheldon Neuse started out hot only to begin to struggle as well and ended up in Las Vegas also. Matt Davidson was given a chance, but has four hits and ten strikeouts in 24 plate appearances. As the A’s are desperately looking for something to be a part of the future lineup, it is now Bride’s turn.

Jonah Bride off to solid start with Oakland A’s

Bride has been solid for the A’s thus far, albeit in a limited sample size. He has six hits, including a double, in his 21 plate appearances since being called to the majors. Although he has drawn just one walk, he has also struck out just once as well, showing a solid approach at the plate.

One has to imagine that some pop will come. Bride may not be a power hitter, but he had produced a solid .283/.388/.436 batting line in his 1192 minor league plate appearances, hitting 27 homers and 60 doubles while making plenty of contact. It is not an exciting profile, but it is one that could result in a solid major league career.

Bride has lived up to his part thus far. It may only be six games, but he has been as advertised – a solid bat making plenty of contact. His ability to play different positions will also help as he can move around the infield and even slide behind the plate as needed. If he continues to make solid contact, he may be beginning a strong major league career.

Jonah Bride is finding a place with the Oakland A’s. Even if he was not one of their first choices, he could be a part of their future core.