How much longer does Matt Davidson get with Oakland A’s?

The Oakland A’s have been desperately searching for anything that can provide any semblance of production in their lineup. As it is, their .210/.274/.330 batting line is easily the worst in the American League, a level of futility that has not been seen since the original Dead Ball Era. This has included searching for diamonds in the rough from the waiver wire, such as Matt Davidson.

One could understand why the A’s took a chance on Davidson. He had hit 20 or more homers twice in the majors previously, and as the A’s need much more pop in the lineup, he could be the answer. He was well worth the cost of a minor league deal when he was released by the Diamondbacks.

Matt Davidson not showing much with Oakland A’s

At the very least, Davidson has homered since he was called up to the majors with Oakland. That is essentially all that he has done, as he has four hits and ten strikeouts in 24 plate appearances, failing to draw a walk.

Davidson’s defense has been mediocre as well. He is considered to have cost the A’s two runs at third despite having just 46 innings at the position this year. It is certainly jarring to see those struggles with the glove after years of Matt Chapman at the hot corner.

Those issues have pushed Davidson to the bench. Jonah Bride is the latest player to be getting a chance at the hot corner. Meanwhile, Sheldon Neuse, one of the players to cycle through at third, has been on fire since being sent down to Las Vegas. It is time for the A’s to give him another look to see if he can be part of the future in a utility role.

That combination makes Davidson seem pointless on the roster. The A’s need more pop, and while he has that home run, his inability to make contact renders his power moot. He is also not going to be a part of their future as they look to come out of the rebuild. It is a matter of time before Davidson ends up back in Triple-A or on the waiver wire.

Matt Davidson has not done much with the Oakland A’s thus far. His time in the majors may be coming to an end in the near future.