Conner Capel makes Oakland A’s history by taking field

With over 120 years of franchise history, it is difficult to be the first player in team history to do something. Conner Capel found a way to do just that for the Oakland A’s.

Capel made his debut with the A’s on Tuesday wearing number 72. He became the first player in franchise history to wear that number.

Conner Capel makes Oakland A’s history by getting on field

There are still several unclaimed numbers. No one in franchise history has worn numbers 74, 78, 80 through 87, and 89 through 98. One has to imagine that, at some point in time, that will change.

Capel does have a chance to make 72 his own for more than his being the first with that number. He has a solid all around skillset, possessing a strong approach at the plate, solid pop in his bat, and enough speed to be a threat on the basepaths and play anywhere in the outfield.

He did have a solid debut on Tuesday. Capel was 1-3 with a walk, making two plays in right. It may not have been the type of performance that will make anyone think that he will be a future star, but it was a strong enough showing. Considering the A’s desperate need for help in the outfield in the immediate future, Capel did nothing to dispel the notion that he can be a part of the solution.

Capel will get a chance to show more in the coming days. The A’s are playing out the string and looking for possible answers for 2023 and beyond. With his solid all around game, it is entirely possible that future will include Capel. If so, he can be known for more than being the first player to wear number 72 in franchise history.

Conner Capel has already made franchise history by becoming the first player to wear number 72. It is possible that he can be more than a footnote for the Oakland A’s.