A's blank St. Louis, avoid sweep with 8-0 victory over Cardinals

Oakland Athletics v St. Louis Cardinals
Oakland Athletics v St. Louis Cardinals / Joe Puetz/GettyImages

The Oakland Athletics completed the trifecta on Wednesday: win a game, avoid getting swept, and blank an opponent. The A's did it by beating St. Louis 8-0 on the road before returning home for a six-game homestand starting Friday.

The A's, believe it or not, preventer their foes from scoring a single run on Wednesday.

Of course, these are the Oakland A's, so it makes sense to find out that the last game they had before beating the Cardinals was one against the Rangers in which they also allowed no runs.

It took Zack Gelof no time to keep building his legendary career, one which at this point isn't even 30 games long. Anyway, step by step the rookie keeps building a Mike Troutian, Babe Ruthian path thoward enrishment in the Hall of Fame, doesn't he?

Just check any NBCS broadcast, and you'll understand what I mean. Peep.

The greatness, folks, is unparalleled. And it is not that the young guy isn't doing it while generating highlights. Like, for example, driving base-stealing genius Esteury Ruiz home with a smooth hit of the ball.

Watch it next, then pick your jaw from the floor if you need to.

Gelof is so great, in fact, that he's forcing the social manager of the A's to invent new ways of coming up with tweets that make sense.

From week, to day, to inning, to nearly pitch, Gelof is thriving and is now coming off a 4-for-5 and his second four-hit game in the series against St. Louis alone. Uh, oh.

But the real news of the day, undoubtedly, was the A's blanking a team on the road for the first time since they last did it against the putrid Detroit Tigers on July 4, nearly a month and a half ago.

All of it was thanks to your superhero Paul Blackburn, who decided to stay in Oakland through the trade deadline instead of looking for greener pastures. Quite the gentleman.

Shout-out PB for his seven-inning, eight-strikeout, six-hit, no-runs-allowed outing on Wednesday. Much appreciated, man vindicated!

The A's are out of commission until they took to the ground of the Coli on Friday to host the beasts that go by the name of Orioles. Can the boys win to in a row? Tune in, find out!

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