A's lose 7-3 to Dodgers while bringing "Summer of Sell" to L.A.

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Dodgers
Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Dodgers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Tired: the Oakland Athletics lost a game 7-3 to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday. Wired: the Oakland A's brought the "Summer of Sell" tour to L.A. in their first visit to the city since the 2020 season.

Let's deal with this quickly: the A's couldn't do a thing to prevent the Dodgers from winning a game that they should have won much earlier than they did.

In fact, Oakland put together a bit of a late-inning rally but ultimately fell short, crushing some East Bay souls as is this team's wont.

The Dodgers were cool, calm, and collected entering the sixth frame. L.A. had taken a 4-0 lead in the 4th inning. Things remained the same for another full inning.

Then the A's arrived following the fifth inning, which was remarkable nonetheless. And you already know the reason. See for yourself:

"Sell the team! Sell the team! Sell the team!" L.A. chanted.

That's correct, the folks from Hollywood helped those arriving from Oakland in a collective effort to save the A's from relocating to Las Vegas in a couple of years. Quite a sight.

The A's got the boost, scored their first run of the game in the 6th inning, the added two more in the top of the 7th, but ultimately couldn't score more than three runs on the day and fell 7-3 to the Dodgers away from the East Bay.

When it comes to the actual on-field action, there were some good and some bad things going on.

Rookie and recent call-up Zack Gelof batted second and bagged a homer. All-Star Brent Rooker (who somehow wasn't traded ahead of the deadline) put another ball past the Dodgers' fences. And Jordan Diaz added a third homer to the A's tally, wrapping up their three-run outing.

Now, for the bad, the Athletics' pitching was atrocious at best. Ken Waldichuk started the game and allowed three walks and four runs on one hit. Of course, he earned the loss and is now looking at an ugly 2-7 record on the season.

The rest of the A's pitchers weren't even remotely good, let alone great, either. They handed six more free bases to the Dodgers to make it nine walks on the day. They K'd just eight men. Ugh.

It's hard to envision the A's snatching even one single W from the Dodgers at their own venue, but if Oakland can at least keep the "Sell the team!" chants going for a few days in L.A. with the help of the residents, that would already be a massive win on their personal books.

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