A's rookie Zack Gelof has 4H-2HR game, joins 10-man A's historic club

Oakland Athletics v Washington Nationals
Oakland Athletics v Washington Nationals / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

The Oakland A's dropped a game on Sunday against the Nationals when everything pointed toward the franchise scoring themselves an easy victory. Not on Sunday, folks.

The A's surrendered a six-run lead in the final inning to Washington in D.C. after entering the final frame 7-1 up in the scoreboard but losing 7-8 when all was said and done.

The vibes were immaculate until the final out of the matchup for rookie and recent-call-up Zack Gelof, who got his first four-hit game in the majors with two homers baked into that sublime batting outing.

In doing so, Gelof joined a select club of only nine former A's players that got to hit four balls and two home runs in the same game before turning 24 years old.

Gelof become the 10th member of the 4H-2HR A's club and the first inductee into it in more than 20 years after Eric Chavez broke the barrier at age 23-225 all the way back in July 2021.

Before Chavez's accomplishment, Mark McGwire was the prior A's player making the club by hitting 4-H-2HR in back-to-back games in 1987 against the poor Cleveland Indians. Sheesh, the saucy 'roid boost.

Gelof pulled off the feat aged 23 years and 298 days when he hit a couple of homers and four balls overall at Washington on Sunday through five trips to the plate. He singled twice and homered the same amounts of times with no inbetween hits for two or three bases.

The only thing missing on Gelof's Sunday statline was a walk and a base stolen, considering the two homers accounted for two single runs batted in as he bagged both with no runners on base. And just in case you're wondering or a hater, yes, Gelof also got to strike out once just to put the cherry on top.

Gotta love the kid, don't you?

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