A's split final two games against Colorado, fail to get second sweep

Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies
Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The Oakland Athletics showcased their rarely-seen scoring prowess against the Colorado Rockies on Saturday beating the hosts 11-3 and winning back-to-back games for the first time since mid-July. Sadly, all they could do on Sunday was follow that up with an offensive stinker losing 2-0 in Denver.

The A's sent Paul Blackburn to the mound, while the Rockies countered with Chris Flexen on Saturday. The former came out alive and boasting a W. The latter got demolished on the first day of the weekend.

Things were very different on Sunday, though, as the Rockies opted to deploy an opener-turned-machine in Ty Blach, who went on to earn his first win of the season pitching five frames while not expected to go past the first, if anything.

The loss brought an end to a two-game winning streak put together by Oakland thanks to offensive showcases on Friday and Saturday. The A's just run out of power on Sunday, allowed the Rockies a couple of runs, and then proceeded to take Monday off while getting ready to play the Los Angeles Dodgers to kick August off.

Speaking of August, the month brings with it the trade deadline to the MLB season, which means nothing if you're a fan of the A's. Sorry, folks, but think positively: this is just one fewer thing you have to worry about in your already-busy lives.

Actually, that's a rather bad outlook. Oakland might find suitors for some of their veterans. Brent Rooker was an All-Star this season. Ramon Laureano is a high-regarded veteran. Paul Blackburn won a game last weekend! With the A's! Yes!

Whatever happens on Tuesday before the deadline, or whatever does not, one thing is clear at this point through the 2023 season and already into the hottest weeks of the summer: the A's will find themselves fighting to avoid putting together the worst season ever in MLB history.

That's enough to follow daily, so let's leave the high-stakes trading for others while we wait for Shohei Ohtani to sign his new contract to play for the A's next winter. The hot stove can't come soon enough.

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