Athletics hire Mortenson-McCarthy for construction of new Las Vegas ballpark

Las Vegas Raiders Host San Francisco 49ers
Las Vegas Raiders Host San Francisco 49ers / George Rose/GettyImages

The Athletics have hired Mortenson-McCarthy as their partners for the construction of the new ballpark of the franchise in the Las Vegas Stripe once their relocation is completed with a debut expected in time for the 2028 season, the A's announced Monday.

This joint venture, composed of Mortenson and McCarthy, will take over all of the building and construction aspects of the new stadium, which will take four years once everything gets moving pending a vote by the other 29 franchises to approve the A's relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas, the final step in the process that has been years in the making.

As reported, the Las Vegas Stadium Authority must approve the partnership and later the construction of the new ballpark.

That should not be a problem, though, considering the two companies hired by the A's franchise already worked together for the construction of the stadium of another former Oakland franchise and current NFL team Las Vegas Raiders.

Mortenson-McCarthy were able to build the Raiders' Allegiant Stadium in 2020 and right in time, abiding by the prearranged timelines.

As quoted in the original press release, A's president Dave Kaval said that this partnership "brings an exceptional level of expertise" to the relocation project of the franchise, acknowledging that the Raiders project was "a model of tremendous success."

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