Athletics' owner John Fisher addresses Las Vegas ballpark renderings

What did Oakland A's owner John Fisher reveal about the team's plans for the future in Las Vegas?
Chicago Cubs v Oakland Athletics
Chicago Cubs v Oakland Athletics / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Earlier today, Oakland A's owner John Fisher spoke publicly at a Vegas Chamber of Commerce event, addressing some questions about the relocation process.

Fisher didn't have much interesting to say. Many of the questions were softballs from host Mary Beth Sewald, including things like "What made you choose Las Vegas for this relocation?"

Fisher did make a couple comments worth noting, however. On the question of outstanding ballpark renderings, Fisher claims that the team is now working with Bally's and GLPI to release renderings for the entire hotel and ballpark complex at the same time.

It's easy enough to see through this statement. The A's were scheduled to release their updated renderings almost two months ago before coming up with a bogus reason to postpone the event.

Fans have been left waiting in the dark since early December for ballpark renderings, which are now allegedly waiting on hotel and casino renderings before an announcement is made. That's a convenient excuse for Fisher if you ask me.

Fisher also mentioned that the team plans on keeping the Athletics' moniker with the team in Vegas. This is unsurprising, as we've heard Dave Kaval mention the same thing in the past. Fisher claims that the history of the franchise is important to the team and they want to bring that with them to their new city.

Fisher also talked about becoming invested in the community of Las Vegas, noting that they have begun supporting little league teams throughout the region in Nevada, and that he's hoping that the A's players will embrace the city and the community there.

It's a bit backhanded coming from the guy who is currently ripping the team out of the Oakland community, but given his actions it's about what you'd expect from Fisher.

The A's owner also made a comment about Oakland, stating that "I gave everything I had" in an effort to remain in the city, but ultimately it wasn't enough. The fact of the matter is that Oakland tried to work with Fisher and made a number of realistic offers that he could have worked with.

Fisher is actively choosing to leave Oakland for Las Vegas. There are ballpark sites and financing plans in Oakland that would work for both parties, but the A's have chosen to go in a different direction. It would be great if Fisher wasn't out spouting that company line, but here we are.

Ultimately, the event was a bit of a dud. The event was live streamed and the audience was noticeably quiet and reserved. The lack of excitement in the room was obvious, and the general aura around this relocation process feels the same.

We'll see what happens with the ballpark renderings. It's been rumored that the A's might reveal the renderings during the spring training series in Las Vegas on March 8-9. Whether that happens is up in the air.