Can the Athletics prove themselves against the best... Again?

The A's lead the series after the best pitching performance of the season. A combo 4 Hitter with Ken Waldichuk pitching a 6 inning no hitter.
Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics
Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

A's fans - the Green and Gold take the field for a chance to win the series and potential break a couple of Houston hearts. And if the are going to do it will be, again all about pitching. The A's let loss 3 HR's last night (Shea, Noda, Rooker) all solo. Only Nick Allen and Kevin Smith did it the old fashioned way.

But the truth will not come down to how many runs the A's can score but how many can they limit Houston's ability to score. They have the best lineup, potentially, top to the bottom in the league (Braves?) and they got SHUTOUT but Oakland A's pitching last night. Who would have ever thought they were gonna hear that in Mid-September?

JP Sears takes the mount tonight and courtesy of Baseball Savant it is pretty clear where Sears has to adjust his aim point. He is getting torched when the slider does not slider down and in to RH hitters and his change up does not change down and in to Left Handers.

Keep an eye on the slider and changeup tonight. Mark my words, if his past outing was any tell, he may just be turning the page, much like Mr. Waldichuk. Also, keep an sharp eye on Butler. His swing seems uncontrolled at times and his K rate is increasing while his BA is, well, not.

Here we Go Athletics!