Former A's manager Bob Melvin still hopeful of Oakland retaining team

Bob Melvin, Oakland Athletics
Bob Melvin, Oakland Athletics / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Former Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin, who led the team for more than a decade from 2011 through 2021 before getting cold-shouldered by the A's brass, expressed his sentiments regarding the possibility of the franchise relocating to Las Vegas on Monday.

Melvin, who signed with and manages the San Diego Padres since the start of the 2022 season, shared his thoughts with reporters prior to their game against the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park.

As captured by A's on NBCS in the Tweet above, Melvin said that to him the relocating process is "sad," adding that "anybody who grew up here does not look forward to that happening."

Melvin, though, acknowledged that he "doesn't know that anything is 100 percent sure yet."

"We'll see where it goes from here, it looks like it's getting some traction in Vegas, but you never know until the last minute," Melvin added. "I think a lot of people are holding out hope that maybe it doesn't happen."

Melvin, who spent a lifetime in Oakland, understands the connection between the A's and the Oakland faithful better than anyone, let alone the pairing of John Fisher and Dave Kabal.

Although the relocation rumors continue to gain traction and everything feels like fait accompli now, Melvin expressed uncertainty about the situation, noting that nothing is certain until the final decision is made.

Another former A's manager, Art Howe, spoke on KNBR, and expressed his sympathy for the situation, emphasizing the deserving nature of the Oakland fan base and how they have earned the right to keep the franchise put in the Bay. How described the fans as "wonderful," adding they have "consistently supported the team."

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As the future of the Oakland Athletics hangs in the balance, the words of both Melvin and Howe serve as reminders of the significant impact the team has had on the community.

That, sadly, doesn't look like will factor too much into the MLB decision of pushing the relocation of the A's to Las Vegas, only pending a vote by the other 29 members of the league (expected to be held later this summer) and a YES from 23 of those organizations in order for the move to become a reality.