Hit galore as A's lose 9-4 to AL-Best Orioles

Baltimore Orioles v Oakland Athletics
Baltimore Orioles v Oakland Athletics / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

How many times have the Oakland Athletics racked up 12+ hits in a single game this season? Not that many. How many times did they end up on the losing side of those affairs? One at the very least, as they lost 9-4 to Baltimore on Friday reaching exactly that hit figure.

If you want the actual numbers, here you have them. Your superheroes have reached 12+ hits in 12 of their 122 games played through Friday, Aug. 18. Of those, they have now won seven and dropped five for a still-positive 7-5 record. Not bad!

Now, here's the catch. League-wide, teams with single games of 12+ hits have gone on to win those matchups 510 times through Friday in 2023. On the other hand, teams getting 12+ hits have only lost those games 117 times this season.

The league record is 510-117 for a .813 percentage. The A's 7-5 yields a paltry .583. No need for more details.

The A's hit 12 balls but the Orioles hit 16 themselves. That's why the rebuilding Oakland A's lost and why the rebuilt Baltimore Orioles won this game.

As it's been the case for a good while now around Oakland and the East Bay, rookies have kinda kept the boat afloat while doing wonders on baseball fields home and on the road.

Friday's marked Lawrence Butler's first multi-hit game as a member of the A's major-league team. Butler logged five plate appearances and got a couple of hits in those occassions, both of them singles, striking out twice while at it.

Butler is now carrying a six-game hitting streak. Fellow freshman Zack Gelof got another hit himself and scored a run while walking and striking out once.

Tyler Soderstrom, who not long ago was the ultimate A's prospect but he's now kind of forgotten, also got a hit and a run. That was thanks to veteran Tony Kemp, who hit one against the Coli's outfield wall to bring Sody home.

Sadly, Kemp will be a free agent next season and he will most probably leave Oakland for greener pastures away from the East Bay.

Double sadly, the A's will still not quite be relocated in Las Vegas, which means they won't be in a position to bid for Kemp so they won't be able to keep the tiny man around.

Trust (not really) The Kaval Process. Tall task.

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