Last Dive Bar and Oakland 68's Fans Fest was a rousing success

Fans Fest took place yesterday afternoon, with a large, upbeat crowd and a number of former players in attendance

Oakland Athletics v Minnesota Twins
Oakland Athletics v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Fans Fest took place yesterday afternoon and was a massive success for all involved. Last Dive Bar and the Oakland 68's put on a big show that a massive number of fans turned out for.

A number of former players were in attendance, as was Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. Thousands of Athletics fans showed up to Jack London Square to take part in the days events, sharing food and beverages and meeting with former players like Coco Crisp, Grant Balfour, and more.

Local organizations like the Oakland Ballers, Oakland Roots, and the Stockton Ports were in attendance as well, selling merchandise and interacting with Bay Area fans.

Foul Territory's Scott Braun was in attendance, recording a live show with a number of participants and interviewees, including Mayor Thao who spoke about the city's continual fight to keep the A's in Oakland.

Overall, the event was a massive success. It proved to anyone who was paying attention that Oakland is a strong baseball market and has generations of fans willing to support the product. We're just a few years removed from the 2019 playoffs where the Athletics set the record for the highest attendance in an MLB Wild Card game in history.

The A's had a recorded attendance of 54,005 for that game against the Rays. Despite the loss, fans showed up in droves, eager to support their hometown team. Shortly after that game, John Fisher doubled ticket prices while trading away almost the entirety of the roster in an effort to rip the team out of the city.

While we don't have an exact attendance figure for Fans Fest, the estimates are between 15k-20k. The photos and videos from the event definitely do it justice. Oakland fans have once again shown that they're capable of supporting a major league franchise.

It's an unfortunate reality that Fisher and Dave Kaval are completely blind to the reality of the situation but until the team gets sold or physically moved out of town, you can expect Athletics fans to keep on fighting.