No votes Oakland A's stadium bill, decision on Monday

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USA - Las Vegas Sign Goes Solar / Chris Farina/GettyImages

After Nevada called an extra session to tackle the Oakland Athletics' stadium bill on Tuesday, then another one on Wednesday, and the (expected) final one for Thursday, June 8th, it turned out there were more crickets than votes in Carson City.

The highly anticipated and refurbished SB1 (former SB509) went through a no-vote session yesterday as those present in the legislative session probably decided that it was a better idea to break for lunch and just stay there than to come up with a resolution for this never-ending drama.

Summing up what went down, that could be just defined as "nothing." If you want more details, then it can be said that the Senate adjourned Thursday without voting on the Oakland/Las Vegas A's new stadium/relocation bill.

The already-extended session will now move onto next week, with another special meeting expected to take place on Monday while folks decide whether they would vote or not, let alone if they'd do in favor or against the bill.

Perhaps Nevada's senate is highly interested in watching the A's face the Milwaukee Brewers through the weekend, starting on Friday, without having to care about any backlash hitting them in the forehead whatever decision they collectively make. Who knows at this point?

Nobody knows the reason for the delay until Monday or has a clue about why everything got delayed.

After a Wednesday marathon that featured stellar performances by Sen. Fabian Doñate (he of the "disingenuous" blast), Sen. Rochelle Nguyen (who revealed every special session cost Nevada taxpayers $250,000 a day), and Former A's employee Steve Pastorino ("Kaval is a walking, talking, bobblehead," he said), we were all left empty of any highlights one day later. Ugh.

So now, again and for the nth time, we wait.

The Oakland Athletics have baseball to play today and through the weekend. Monday will bring another special session, and with it will come (we hope, and expect) a final and deciding voting on the SB1 bill about the Las Vegas Strip stadium plans.

Once the senate cast their votes, and even if they are in favor of passing the bill, then everything will move to the Nevada Assembly, and ultimately everything will go to Governor Joe Lombardo's table for him to sign and greenlight the A's relocation to Las Vegas and the construction of the supremely well-planned new stadium on the Strip.

Next. Oakland A's win back-to-back games to clinch road series against Pittsburgh. Oakland A's win back-to-back games to clinch road series against Pittsburgh. dark

So here's your schedule for the next few days. Oakland goes to Milwaukee to play the Brewers three times between Friday and Sunday. We might know about the future of A's on Monday. And most importantly, we have the Reverse Boycott scheduled for Tuesday.