Oakland A's 2023 MLB Trade Deadline Preview: You should trade for Aledmys Diaz!

Oakland Athletics v San Francisco Giants
Oakland Athletics v San Francisco Giants / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

What's the difference between losing 120 games and losing 110? Truth be told, there is no difference at all. As long as the Oakland Athletics don't break the records (for the bad) put up by the Mets and the Tigers and the Spiders before them, they'll look great.

In a season that is turning into one to forget, even with a relocation looming on the horizon, the A's are entering deadline day looking to sell as many players as they can, to grab some assets in return, and to pray to God so they don't make it to the wrong pages of the MLB history books.

With a lot of rookies but veterans aplenty, the A's might have the best Swiss Army knife available on the market and ready to join your ballclub in exchange for not that much!

Aledmys Diaz is who I'm talking about, and the Boston Red Sox can confirm, that's a man generating some interest out there, isn't he these days?

Diaz is not even a rental, as he's under control through this and next season. That's a bargain for a do-it-all man with multi-position eligibility, great capabilities, and not-so-great numbers but definitely a vast dose of experience which is all your team needs once those pesky playoff races come to town by the time leaves start falling from the trees.

We're talking about Diaz the third baseman, second baseman, and shortstop. Diaz the power hitter, base-reacher, bag-stealer! Well, maybe not all of that together and at the same time, but he's done it at different points through his tenured MLB run!

And what could make Diaz happier than trading for him on the day of his birthday, August 1, today (!), when he's turning a sweet 33 years old and entirely willing to celebrate this special time away from the Bay?

Gift Diaz a new baseball uniform, and we're sure he'll love it!

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