Oakland A's 2023 MLB Trade Deadline Preview: You should trade for Austin Pruitt!

Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies
Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

I would be a liar if I woulr write about the Oakland Athletics in an overly positive way. The A's are sitting dead last in the MLB for a reason, and that reasons comes in two figures: 30 wins, 77 losses. Uh, oh.

The A's, though, are still more than a few games and days away from fulfilling the expectations of completeing the worst season in baseball history. They can, believe it or not, dodge that dreadful bullet if they stop losing games at least relatively.

Perhaps that doesn't make much sense and instead, the A's prefer to put together a roster thinking about their future prospects rather than trying to salvage an impossibly bad season? If that's the case and you're looking for a reliever, perhaps the A's have the perfect man to bolster your roster. Enter Austin Pruitt!

Pruitt, more than anything, is the über-established-veteran asset. He comes at the ripe age of 33 but that only means he's full of knowledge and has vast major league experience.

If your bullpen lacks some punch, Pruitt will provide exactly that. Truth be told, his ERA and other old-school metrics have not spoken very well of this man of late, but other more interesting and fancy numbers tell the completely opposite story!

Pruitt has missed some time of late (read: 2020 season in full) but he's strong as an ox these days.

Not only that, but you can also retain Pruitt next winter through arbitration for a bargain price while you don't really need to pony up that much cash/prospect-money in order to complete a trade with the A's for Pruitt this August!

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