Oakland A's 2023 MLB Trade Deadline Preview: You should trade for Brent Rooker!

Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies
Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The record is 30-77. The franchise is the Oakland Athletics. You already know where this is going.

The A's will be fighting for their collective life and for avoiding entering the history books next October when the season wraps up and maybe, just maybe, they are sporting the worst record ever in the history of Major League Baseball.

There is still plenty of time (kinda) for Oakland to fix that, and it's not that making a trade or two would alter their chances that much, will it?

With that out of the way, may I convince you to trade for A's superstar Brent Rooker ahead of today's MLB Trade Deadline? Let me explain.

Rooker was named to the All-Star game a few weeks ago. Rooker has simply been the best outfield player for the A's this season, and there's no arguing against that. Rooker is, also, a handsome player who can sell jeans, if you know what I mean and you're well-versed in A's lore.

Now, seriously, Rooker would bring power to your lineup. He's hit homers in bunches (in A's context, of course), has limited his K's, and although he's struggled a bit of late with a lower average and struggles at putting the ball past the fences, he's still a very capable everyday-type player.

The A's won't ask you to sell the far from Rooker, either, as long as you can provide them with some nice top-25 prospect(s). We're talking about an All-Star player, folks, what did you want, Rooker for 'none?

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