Oakland A's 2023 MLB Trade Deadline Preview: You should trade for Tony Kemp!

Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies
Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The Oakland A's are in possession of the absolute worst record in the MLB, sporting a dreadful 30-77 split getting into the hottest month of the year.

The Athletics are, in fact, fighting against MLB history by trying to improve on the worst records ever put together by a professional baseball club in the majors, whether that's the one posted by the Mets, or the one achieved by the Tigers this century.

That doesn't mean there aren't at least some valuable players worth trading for in the A's roster. One of them is veteran Tony Kemp, who signed with the A's last offseason and will become a free agent next winter, making him the perfect rental for a title chaser.

Kemp is having a renaissance through the second half of the season, has stolen 6 bags, and he's slashing .293/.341/.400 these days. No complains!

The outfielder can do it all at multiple positions, can lead the lineup hitting, or can trail everybody else, but no matter what he will always do the same: hitting, running, and scoring runs in bunches!

Yes, he's just a rental, but how many players are out there as widely available as Kemp, with his current franchise not demanding that much in return, and capable of hitting singles and stealing bases while at it? Not many!

If you need help, and you want to win a ring, don't hesitate. Call the A's and trade some prospects in exchange for Tony Kemp!

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