Oakland A's 2023 MLB Trade Deadline Preview: You should trade for Trevor May!

Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics
Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics / Brandon Vallance/GettyImages

The Oakland A's find themselves with the worst record in the MLB, a dismal 30-77 trhough the end of July while they took a day off before facing the Dodgers on Monday.

Despite their struggles, the Athletics are determined to avoid landing in the record books with the worst records ever recorded by a professional baseball club, a distinction held by teams like the Mets and Tigers. That, though, is far from being fait accompli, and there is always time for Oakland to beat all odds and put on some of that work.

Amidst the challenging season, the A's roster still boasts some valuable players who could be potential trade targets ahead of today's deadline.

One such player is veteran reliever Trevor May, a well-known and respected member of the team. As the season progresses, May's future with the A's may lead him to pursue a chance at a championship elsewhere if that is what the circumstances demand. Too bad, but you can help him at that!

May is your preternatural reliever. He's sporting a smooth and cool sub-1.30 ERA since the start of July. No joke--this man knows how to prevent runs from hitting the scoreboard!

The lad, entering the field from the bullpen for often than he does not, should be your no. 1 target if your bullpen is in need of some warm bodies and you are lacking some punch on your way to conquering the 2023 campaign before it's too late.

Can May bring a prospect to the A's roster? He may, he may not. Wink, wink. Or rather, win-win! Turn yourself into a contender by trading for May, and question your decision later. There's always next May!

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