Oakland Athletics: Potential Breakout Player to Target This Offseason

Cole Tucker has struggled in the Major Leagues, but if given another chance, he could have a breakout season after coming off his best Minor League season ever and showing his full potential.
Colorado Rockies v Oakland Athletics
Colorado Rockies v Oakland Athletics / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Since getting claimed off waivers in 2022 by the Diamondbacks and then signing with the Rockies, Cole Tucker, the former 24th overall pick in the 2014 MLB Draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates, has finally started to show the type of player he was always projected to be.

In 2023, while playing in Triple-A Albuquerque with the Colorado Rockies' organization, Tucker has finally begun to showcase the type of contact hitter many expected him to be. In 70 games, he has an average of .280. Thanks to 49 walks, his OBP stands at an elite .391. He has also managed to hit 5 home runs and drive in 35 RBIs, while recording his Minor League Career Best .797 OPS. For context, his career OPS with the Pirates, encompassing four seasons and 158 games, stood at just .581, along with 5 home runs and 37 RBIs.

While a change in teams played a significant role in his recent success, his newfound determination has been a crucial factor. Tucker has been very versatile within the Rockies' minor league system, as he has played first and second base, along with every outfield position. His potential has always been evident, but he will continue to be considered a bust until he can prove everyone wrong. Even then, many may still label him as a bust, despite his accomplishment of making it to the MLB, a feat that eluded many other players who displayed much more potential. Regardless of personal opinions, Tucker appears to have a promising future, and it could be worth taking a risk on him.

He played 5 MLB games in 2023 with the Rockies before getting designated for assignment for the 2nd time in 2023. In those 5 games, he was surprisingly good, going 4-8 with a walk and hit-by-pitch while knocking in 2 RBIs and batting .500. While it's not the best, he's been showing signs he could turn into a good contact hitter, and since he plays multiple positions, he could be a good bench player.

He has the ability to play multiple positions, while also in the 2023 minor league season, he has been a dominant contact-hitter with the ability to walk, leading to a high on-base percentage, fitting the description of a "Moneyball" player. It could be worth acquiring him this offseason with the hope that he could have a breakout season. He is not currently on the Rockies' 40-man roster which means they could draft him in the Rule 5 Draft or they could try and trade cash considerations for him.

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