Oakland Athletics: Review of the Sam Moll Trade

The Sam Moll trade hasn't looked been looking good for the Oakland Athletics. Here are the current updates on how every player from the trade is doing.
Cincinnati Reds v Arizona Diamondbacks
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On July 31st, it was announced that the Oakland Athletics would trade Sam Moll to the Cincinnati Reds for Joe Boyle. When this trade was originally made, it was quite questionable, but it wasn't too bad because they traded an older pitcher for a youngster who showed much potential.

Since the trade occurred, Sam Moll has turned into one of the best relievers in MLB. He's pitched in only 21 games with the Reds, but currently holds a 0.90 ERA with a record of 1-0 in 20 innings pitched.

The Rise of Joe Boyle in Oakland

The Athletics received Joe Boyle in this trade. He started in three games at Double-A and pitched in 17.1 innings, boasting an ERA of just 2.08 with a record of 2-1. He was then promoted to Triple-A, where he pitched in three games. He had a record of 0-2 with a 2.25 ERA in 16 innings.

On September 17th, he made his MLB debut with the Oakland Athletics, pitching three innings against the San Diego Padres. In those three innings, he threw 58 pitches and only gave up one hit and two walks, while striking out four in three shutout innings.

Joe Boyle has potential to become the next big pitcher

Joe Boyle has the potential to become the next ace of the Oakland Athletics. In 56 minor league games, he had a record of 11-14 but held an ERA of 3.29. His main problem is he needs to limit the walks he gives up, with 191 in 237 innings pitched in the minors, which is a rate of 7.6 per nine innings pitched. In those same 237 innings, he only gave up 5.2 hits per nine innings, meaning he gives up more walks than hits. If he can limit his walks, he could become the next big pitcher in MLB.

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