Who is Charlie Culberson?

As we slowly turn ort attention to the off season, the soon to be UFA, is 34 years old is a possible target to provide much needed defense for Oakland at the Hot Corner. Moneyball roster will be in full effect next year.
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Charlie Culberson. Who? He sounds like an A already - [Checks notes] was a 1st round draft pick of the SF Giants by in 2007. Since then he has been on several clubs - SF, Colorado, Dodgers, Atlanta, Texas and then back to Atlanta. He is currently sitting in the minors with a base salary of $730,000

He also has proved why teams keep signing him. In 7 seasons in the bigs he has only committed 15 errors, contrast this with Jordon Diaz (too early in the day to post that number). He has played OF, SS 3B 2B 1B. Basically every position but catcher and pitcher. Well, technically he has pitched but 7.1 innings does not count. So really, he has only not played catcher.

Now that kind of utility is hard to find. Very hard to find. And it is not just his glove that intrigues me but his bat. In his last real season in the bigs his OBP was .283 with a .252 BA. "Wow" some of you might say. But let us be totally honest. Tony Kemp got ~$3M to bat near the Mendoza Line and only get on-base barely above it (wow, I retort). And our best hitters (that qualify) Brent Rooker/Esteury Ruiz are both batting either slightly over or under.

So with a quality bat and glove, why is he not on the field? Because he plays for the Atlanta Braves. With the sheer embarrassment of riches that club has, they can do tucking Culberson away somewhere in the minors and pull that lever when needed.

Culberson contract, again expires this year. He will be an UFA and Tony Kemp will not be taking up $3M in cap space. So take that same $3M and roll it right over to someone who has a quality bat, a quality glove and someone who, I can only assume, would like more year in The Show.

His YOS is at 7.051. He must be paid the base salary of $730,000. Well worth the A's picking him off the Braves roster for 3 times that. Where would he be in the order? I do not know but I do know it is well worth the money to pay a guy who can play nearly every position the same money you were paying someone who could barely play 1.

Who are we cutting out of the lineup you might ask? Kevin Smith, first and foremost. He has been the A's go-to 3rd baseman defensive replacement but his bat is not worth him taking up room in the clubhouse. Sorry, Kevin. So keep Smith in the minors. Now you only have Jordan Diaz and a BIG gapping wound in Left Field now that Kemp has moved on. Stick Charlie in leftfield put Ruiz in center and Butler in RF. Seth Brown can some in a pinch hit or successfullly field. But Seth Brown should not be an everyday player next year. Do not believe me, click the link. Sorry, Seth

Charlie would look great in Green and Gold and I think he would look great at left field. And I for one would not mind paying him $3m a year and I do not think he would mind 1 more full season in Major League Baseball

Oakland A's front office, you are welcome.