Swingin’ A’s Weekly Recap: March 25th-31st


What an interesting week, huh? The A’s opened up the 2012 season with a two-game series against the Seattle Mariners in Tokyo, Japan. They split the series, but the second game of the series gave fans a glimpse into the future with Yoenis Cespedes’s stellar performance. Overall, it was a very productive week for all of us here at Swingin’ A’s and we invite you to revisit some of our top stories from the past week as we prepare for the first week (and real Opening Day) of April 2012! Rejoice, A’s fans, baseball is here!

[3/26/12]: A’s 2012 Top 10 Prospects (Joseph)

[3/27/12]: Raley Field Offers Fans the Big League Experience (Joseph)

[3/27/12]: A’s 2012 Team Preview (Joseph)

[3/28/12]: This Time It’s Different: Comparing the 2008 and 2012 Opening Series in Japan (Devin)

[3/28/12]: Jason Vargas Pitch f/x Preview (David)

[3/28/12]: Triple Play: Where Will the A’s Ballpark Situation Stand in 3 to 5 Years? (Jason)

[3/29/12]: Game 2 Recap (David)

[3/29/12]: Doctor’s Office: Bartolo Colon Looking Good (Joseph)

[3/31/12]: Stadium Journey Reviews MLB Experience In Japan (Joseph)

[3/31/12]: Still Living On Planet Zito (Joseph)

[3/31/12]: Tom Milone Named No.3 Starter (Joseph)

[3/31/12]: A’s Relying On Speed In 2012? (Joseph)

[3/31/12]: Injury Updates: Manny Ramirez, Dallas Braden Experience Setbacks (Joseph)

[3/31/12]: The Real Reason Manny Is Here (Sean)

[3/31/12]: Can Grant Balfour Get to 30 Saves? (Joseph)

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