Has Billy Beane Gone Mad? Fans React


The winter meetings have now come and gone and we’ve all had time to digest all the moves that Billy Beane has made to our beloved Oakland Athletics. Sure, we lost Josh Donaldson and Brandon Moss but we all knew the day would come eventually, even if we’d assumed it’d be a bit further down the line. The trade that sent Jeff Samardzija packing probably came as no surprise to most fans with the return of Jarrod Parker and A.J. Griffin on the horizon.

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What we got in return seems like a good fit. Brett Lawrie is already proving himself to A’s fans and all of the prospects that are joining the organization seem genuinely excited to be with the team (you should get on Twitter and encourage them to chat on the podcast). This calm, cool, rational analysis has the benefit of hindsight. Twitter, on the other hand, did not have the benefit of hindsight and some of the fan reaction to Billy Beane’s seemingly crazy moves were hysterical. I combed through Twitter so you wouldn’t have to and here’s what I found.

I immediately judged this tweet and knew it’d be in my next roundup.

I almost didn’t include this tweet because Nick neglected to say “Source” at the beginning of the tweet.

When I read this tweet filled with reason and rational thinking, I blocke Gabriel and reported him to Twitter.

Evidently, making the final baseball decision of your life that is worth tens of millions of dollars takes a bit of time.

He’s very hot right now.

Fake Fosse is a master at everything. One of those things is putting out a tweet that is simultaneously complimentary and incredibly mean depending on the inflection.

Wow, talk about a deliberate guy.

Maybe they want a part in Moneyball II: Electric Boogaloo

The right field bleachers have already printed their rally camel tshirts.

If this tweet doesn’t get a giggle out of you, I question how much of a true baseball fan you are.

This seems like a crap trade but if one of those saplings takes root, it could totally be worth it.

Ah, this time Nick said “Source” so it must be true. If this were to happen, people’s heads would explode.

This tweet isn’t funny but it provides context for the following tweet.

I want you to really think about this one.

You also went on to hit a million home runs that year, Josh. Let’s go for a complete 2012 replication!

Someone has to tell him about the sewage eventually. Come on guys, it’s not fair to spring it on him in April.


Oh, how’d this get in here?

This had nothing to do with the topic of this roundup but Eireann is my new best friend and I wanted to make sure she felt included in our Swingin’ A’s family.

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